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Want to go on long journey. Know some important things

By Sydul Hasan on 2017-11-28

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Some people take royal preparations to go on a long journey and later on  they noticed the burden is heavy. Or forgot the urgent thing. Some of them are recaptured, urgent goes away somewhere. Then go to the placeand understand the mistake. That's not right, I forgot it, should have come to the place after getting the news, why is not the bus seat good? There is no seat in the hotel why? Money is short. There are many problems, etc. Let's once again look alert issues in the long journey.

Preparation phase:

  1. Before the long journey by car/train/ air please check the tickets and pick up the tickets before you decide. Take a look at the oil and parts of the car If you drive yourself, take a partner with you. Take proper sleep to get ready for the journey. If it is your driver, tell him / her in advance 2/3 days before about the plan. Do not be too far away with Decision.
  2. Make a checklist with what to take. Then fill in a bag and tick the mark. Mark a different list of what to buy and what has been bought.
  3. Take the car number before you get in the car. If you can, send it to any relative. There is no guarantee of uncertain accident. So be careful of everything.
  4. Get enough battery charge and balance in the mobile before get in the car. Keep your money and valuables on your own responsible. However, it is better not to worn expensive jewelry in the journey.
  5. Wherever you go, check the news about weather, fare prices, weekly holidays, law and order, roads, political situation, mobile networks, banking facilities and events or festivals.
  6. Of course before going anywhere, check the history, nomenclature, famous places, food and people will go there knowing that you will be ahead of others.
  7. If you book a hotel, a lodge, bus or a train before, then you will not have to face any danger later. Nowadays, in the Internet age you can take services from the net or from a tour operator.

Highway issue:

  1. Drive the vehicle over the highway and twist the driver to drive properly. Do not take Overtake while driving in the bridge.
  2. Get in the car with polythene, vomit tablet and water. Get home-made light snacks. But it is better not to eat too much.
  3. Get out from the car while take oil and gas. If others show signal without the police, it is better not to stop the car at night.
  4. If bus stay in the highway restaurant for breakfast, take the bag with you. Complete work in the scheduled time. If you spend more time in the washroom, take breakfast in less time or accompany you in the car.
  5. Be careful while sitting with strangers. Report to the supervisor if you feel any suspicious. Do not eat anything they provide.

About driving:

  1. Run the vehicle at a moderate speed. Do not drive cars by yourself  at night. Do not stop in solitary areas. When you are on the bus, be careful about other passengers.
  2. Do not pollute sound by giving too much horn while drive in the road specially when running in front of the hospital, school, dharamalaya, hostel, etc.. Do not do this if have kids around. Bus drivers do not mean these. Ask the driver if needed.
  3. If you are with women, children and any elder, be careful. When the driver is driving at a higher speed, stop him to do this.
  4. Do not abuse if you are distracted by the driver for driving, lift people or for some other reason. Explain to him and tell him. Because many things depend on his temperament.

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