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Bangladesh – A beautiful land with their friendly people and hospitality!!

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty where nature and people have come together to create the art of lives for thousands of years. Bangladesh presents a living legend of resiliency. The motherland Bangladesh is the symbol of happiness, peace and love. The physical feature of the country is like a painter’s dream come true with rich tapestry of colors and texture. It’s a land of enormous beauty, the vast green crop lands under the boundless blue sky, with so many great river flows down from the high Himalayas and her hundreds of serpentine tributaries and canals formed this fertile land of alluvial soil. The rural people are the power, and be surprised by the challenge of NOBLE Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus who changed the life of rural mass by activating the women folk to take active part in Micro Credit program to elevate poverty. The tropical rain forests with rich wild life, beautiful cascades of lash green tea gardens, world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans -which is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, world’s longest unbroken natural Sea Beach of Cox’s Bazaar, the most distinctive cultural heritage, the exciting archaeological wonder with the single largest Buddhist monastery at Paharpur and the ancient Buddhist civilization at Mahasthangarh of the 3rd century BC and the colorful tribal people with their aboriginal living pattern, all are the most potential ingredients to create an unforgettable impression of a land of peace and tranquility. The people mostly belong to four major religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism but they tempered with the subtle nature and lush green surroundings into a Bengali character transcending religious differences. Any visitor will appreciate our culture, food and hospitality. These are not simply sight-seeing excursions, but real-time learning experiences. Enjoy the ideal blend of adventure and exploration with comfort and relaxation. This hospitable nation and the millions smile will never leave you alone. We proudly share our traditions, culture and the warmth hospitality of our people. Bangladesh is the forerunner to entertain tourists all over the world through friendly souls of its people, its beauty with six seasons, world heritages, rich history, art, culture, many places of great interests & more.